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One of Kind Keepsake Creatively Personalized Gifts from the Heart Personalized Ceramic Platters & More

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Cindy Ley, Colors for Earth
Licensed Teacher/Consultant/
Sales Representative

16" Fish Tales Platter
Baby Boy/Girl Birth Plate
Bulletin Board
Ruffle Square Plate
16" Children's Thumbprints on Platter
Art From the Heart Platter
Family Plate
19" Oval 50th Anniversary Platter
Manatee Caddie w/ Saying On Top and Bottom
16" Oval Platter with Family and Scene
Family Child's Ornament
Baby Christening Plate
Large Wall Cross
19" Snook Bread Platter
16" Round Teacher Platter
Matt Finish Veggie Bowls
20 1/2 " Football Handled Tray
teacher platter
12" Fish Tales Sign
Fish Tales Small Cutting/Cheese Board
Handled Bowl w/ Children's Thumbprints
Family/Wedding/Child/Pet Ornaments
Teacher Ornament
Family Ornaments
Square Fingerprint Wreath Plate
Christmas Reindeer Platter
9 " Birthday Plate
Fall Leaf Bowl
12" x 22" Lrg Rectangular Wall Sign w/ Pineapple
Sq No Rim Platter with Lemons and Cicadas
20 1/2 " Lrg Open-Handled Toucan Tray
19" Oval 50th Anniversary Platter
16" Round Grandparent Platter
12" Family Plate
12" Grandparent w/Grandchildren
16 " Oval Family Tree
16 " Volunteer Grandparent Platter For Any Organization
16" Round Wedding Platter
12" Family "Sunset Scene" Plate
Retriever Plate
Collection of Bulls Items
12" Family "Home Sweet Home" Plate
Rudolph Bowl
Holidays Soldiers
Lrg Bread Platter with Reindeer Thumbprints
12" God Bless Our Home Family Plate
Whimsical Beach Sign
Lemon Casseroles
Teacher's Mug
Coffee Mugs - sport - kids faces
Crab Casseroles
Tulip Dessert Plates
Colorful Butterfly Bowl
Watermelon Platter with Bowl
12" Team Baseball Plate
Vegetable Platter
Polevault Platter For Coach
USF "Go Bulls" Cake Plate/Platter
10" Baptism Cross
10" Birth Cross
Bulletin Board
Christmas Plate
Mahi Mahi Platter
Tropical Sign
Small Fish Plates
Tropical Lizards
Dry Erase Memo Board and Caddie
Butterfly House For The Garden
Pear and Cherry Pattern on Kitchen Ware
Fish Trivet
Life is Short Cake Plate
Baseball Plate
Variety of Frogs For Different Uses
Welcome Pineapple Sign
Wine Glass
Scene w/ Family
Personalized Lizards
School Vase
Caddie w/ Kids Names
Kids Garden Pot
Kids Garden Pot
Hand Made Clay Flowers With Child's Name
Themed Cake Plate
Grandparent Platter
Unique Yellow Speck Background w/ Chicken and Wire
Thanksgiving Day Platter
Green/Gold Christmas Plate
Toucan Pattern on a Variety of Ceramic Ware
Sq Toucan Plate with Terra Firma Edging
Whimsical Airbrushed Frog
Fall Leaf Sign
Signature Frame and Large Lit Cross
Mug and Mini Plate
Sign For Pool or Beach Area
Square Scalloped Edge Platter
Auburn Mug
Caddy w/ 3-D Bugs and Flowers
3-D Flower and Vase Sign
Orchid Scalloped Edge Platter
Turkey Cutout
Turkey Cutout with Lights
Birdbath 32" High
Teacher's Plate
Sports Fan 16" Platter
Apple Trivet
Red-Eyed Tree Frog Plate
Turkey Platter
Sea Shell Mirror
School Ornament
Apple Memo Trivet
Scalloped Flower Pot w/ Kids Faces
kids handprint tiles
Thanksgiving Day Platter
Leopard Kid Platter
Memo and Caddie
Preschool Platter
kids painted on large pitcher
Display Tile/Trivet
Scalloped Edged Flower Pot
Pool Party Sign
Baby Boy or Girl Birth Tile
Birthday Plate
Girl or Boy Birth Cross
Colorful 2-Tiered Dessert Server
Graduating Class Frame
Kids Painted Crosses
Beach Theme Tray
Cookie Jar, Tray and Mugs
Thumbprint Flower Pot
Sushi Plates
Kids Painted Flower Garden Pot
Christmas Theme Cake Stands
Hibiscus Items
Santa cookie plate
Kids Handprint Tiles
Inlay of Tiles in a Cement Bench
Flower Pot For Teacher Gift
Butterlfy Bowls
Teacher Apples
Red Eyed Tree Frog Wavy Plate
Tulip Plates in a Variety of Color Patterns
Lime Tulip Pattern on a Sampling of Bisque Pieces
Pear and Cherry Pattern on Kitchen Ware
Toucan Pattern
Spring Plaid Pattern
Watermelon Platter w/ Bowl
Child's Artwork Tile
Family Painted Tiles for Inlay in Cement Bench
Child's Handprint Tile
Kids Impression of Themselves Using Their Thumbprint and Painting Their Hair
Kid painted stenciled ornament platter
All Holiday "Charmed" Cake Stands
Safari Child's Chair
Child's Flower Kids Chair
Kids Painted Large Bistro Table
Unique Large Bowl on Stand
Any Fish Painted on a Small Plate
Fish Pattern Painted in Two Color Options
Cookies for Santa Plate
Carved Pumpkin in School of Choice
Purple Lilac Bowl
Butterfly Items
Sports Chalkboard
Ceramic Flower Chalkboard
Jungle Mirror
Ribbon Plates
School Ornament
Child's Thumbprint Garden Vase and/or Pot
Easter Platter - Square
Easter Platter
Wine Set
Birthday Mug
Teacher's Plate
Brownie Leader Mugs
CDS Bowl
CDS Rocking Chair
Christmas Advent Tree
Family Plate
CKS Mirror
Hillsborough High School Mugs - Dog
Critter Pot
Easter Bowl
Family Chip and Dip
Cross Bench
Gasparilla Platter
Teacher Platter
Bulletin Board
Monkey Thumbprint Bowl
Kid's Handprints - Round Handled Tray
Easter - Square Handled Tray
Ornament Platter
Teacher's Gift
Hand Painted Rocking Chair Carrollwood Elementary
School Ornament
Gift Plates
Children on Mug
Georgia Mug
Air Brushed Grouper
Thanksgiving Plates
Garden Frogs
Garden Arch - Kid Auction Project
Glass Cross
1st Grade Cross
Birth "Footprint" Tile
Family Mug
Handcut Personalized Ornaments
Handcut Personalized Ornaments
Picnic Platter
Frog Globe
Thumbprint Vase XL
Round Chili Pepper Chip and Dip
Square Chili Pepper Chip and Dip
Garden Chip and Dip
Ladybug Chip and Dip
Order Form
Order Form
Top of Bench
Handcut Ornament Platter
Monkey Platter
Handprint Bulletin Board
Easter Platter
Thumbprint Handled Bowl
Veggie Thumbprint Dish
Flower Pot and Globe
Flower Pot
Glass Dome Platter
Family Christmas Tree
Carved Lighted Pumpkin
Martini Square Plate
UT Platter
Bulls Plate
FSU/Gator Ornament
Gator Sign
Girls Softball Plate
Handcut Football Sign
Hawkeyes Chip n Dip
Polevault Platter
Square Seminole Set
Warriors Chip n Dip
Cake Plate with Hanging Stars
Sealife Tray
Wine Glass - w/pets, sports, etc.
Shoe Cell Phone Holder
Garden Bench
Large Thumbprint Flower Pot and Globe
Terra Cotta Pot
Round Handled Platter
Handprint Bowl
Thumbprint Angel Platter
Reindeer Ornaments
Wedding Plate
Wedding Plate
Wedding Platter
Happy Everything Platter
Happy Everything Plate
Garden Tray
Glass Pendant
Themed Corkboard
Color Picture on a Ceramic Piece
Chicken Mug
Frogs & Geckoes
Wedding Platter with Wedding Party
Small Textured Grape Vase
Heart box, cross, bunny raised design
Grape Dish w/ 3 Sections
Black matt slant vase
Tall (Pillow) Vase
Florida Plate
Orange Plate
Mr. Pothead
Large 24in Garden Sign
8in Mixing Bowl
7in Flower Cross
13in Hand Carved Cross
Christmas Wine Glass
Thumbprint Cookie Jar
Pond Theme Chip & Dip Platter
Lighted Pumpkin with Carved Name
Handcut Beach Ornaments
Handcut Personalized Ornament on Lighted Base
Handcut Personalized Ornament on Lighted Base
Handcut Ornament on Lighted Base

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